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Our Products are "TAILOR MADE" to Customers specifications. Our standard products are the following :

Platinum / Rhodium Catalyst Gauzes
Palladium Alloy Catchment Gauzes
FTC Gauzes
Platinum Laboratory Apparatus
Platinum Electrodes
Platinum, Platinum / Rhodium Thermocouple Wires
Platinum / Rhodium Bushing & Equipments for Fibre Glass / Glass Industries
Precious Metal Salts such as Chloroplatinic Acid, Palladium Chloride, Platinum Oxide, Rhodium Chloride etc.
Chemical Catalysts
Platinum Components and Semis for Jewellery
Platinum Chains

  We also offer the following products manufactured by our associate company "Choksi Heraeus"
Electrical Contacts
Ceramic Colours