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The following Chemical Catalysts are manufactured by us.

  • Platinum on Carbon.
  • Palladium on Carbon.
  • Rodium on Carbon.
  • Platinum on Barium Sulphate.

Precious metal loading as per customer specification.

Nitro and Nitroso Compounds
Nitroaromatic Compounds to Anilines Pd/C; Pd/Al2O3; Pt/C
Nitroaromatic Compounds to Aminophenols Pt/C
Halonitroaromatics to Haloanilines Pt/C (inhibited)
Nitrosoaromatics to Anilines Pd/C; Pt/C

Reductive Alkylations/Aminations
Anilines to Substituted Anilines Pt/C; Pd/C
Nitro Compounds to Substituted Anilines Pt/C; Pd/C

Aliphatic Nitriles to Primary Amines Pd/C; Rh/C; Pt/C
Aliphatic Nitriles to Secondary Amines Rh/C
Aliphatic Nitriles to Tertiary Amines Pd/C; Pt/C
Aromatic Nitriles to Benzylamines Pd/C
Aromatic Nitriles to Dibenzylamines Pt/C
Aromatic Nitriles to Aldehydes Pd/C

C-C-Multiple Bonds
Alkenes to Alkanes Pd/C; Pd/Al2O3; Pt/C
Dialkenes to Monoalkenes Pd/Al2O3; Pd/C
Hydrogenation of Cycloalkenes Pt/C; Pt/Al2O3; Pd/C; Rh/C
Hydrogenation of viniyl- and allylic compounds Pt/C; Rh/C; Pt/Al2O3;
Alkynes to Alkenes Pd/CaCO3; Pd/C
Alkynes to Alkanes Pd/C; Pd/Al2O3;

Aromatic Ring Compounds
Saturation of Carbocyclic and Hetrocyclic Aromatics Rh/C; Pt/C; Pt/Al2O3; Ru/C
Aromatic Ketones to Alicyche Alcohols Rh/C; Ru/C
Anilines to Cyclohexanones Pd/BaSO4
Phenols to Cyclohexanones Pd/Al2O3; Pd/C
Phenols to Cyclohexanols Rh/C; Pd/C; Ru/C

Carbonyl Compounds
Aliphatic Aldehydes and Ketones to Alcohols Ru/C; Pt/C; Rh/C
Aromatic Aldehydes and Ketones to Alcohol Pd/C
Aromatic Aldehydes to Hydrocarbons Pd/C

Benzylic Compounds Pd/C
Dehalogenation Pd/C

Oxidation and Dehydrogenation
Alcohols to Aldehydes/Ketones Pt/C; Pt/Al2O3; Pd/C; Pd/Al2O3
Sugars to carbocyclic acids Pt/C

Catalysts not produced by us can be supplied by our collaborators Heraeus.

Ravindra Heraeus offers the entire spectrum of products and services related to precious metal catalysts. Spent catalysts are incinerated, analysed and precious metals recovered. The recovered metals are once again used to manufacture new catalysts.