Palladium Alloy Catchment Gauzes

Palladium Alloy Catchment Gauzes

Platinum-rhodium alloy catalyst gauzes lose weight during the combustion process : they suffer a form of wear. Valuable precious metals are lost through the gas-phase reactions, representing a not inconsiderable financial burden for the customer.

Ravindra Heraeus therefore offers systems which work on palladium basis and which permit the recovery of these precious metals. The catchment system consists of a series of individual gauzes which have to be specially selected according to weight, wire diameter, and mesh count. The sequence of these specially selected individual gauzes plays a decisive role. The recovery rate depend strongly on the individual process parameters of the various oxidation plants.It is necessary to put together a specially designed gauze pack for each individual plant.

Ravindra Heraeus is able to offer, for any plant, a specially designed gauze pack which guarantees an optimum recovery rate and thus the most economic solution for the customer. If knitted gauzes are to be used for the same period of time as woven gauzes, they will lose less platinum. Thus, the catchment pack can be reduced in weight without impairing the recovery efficiency. The catchment systems as well as all kind of catalyst gauzes are refined by Ravindra Heraeus. The precious metal extracted in this process can be reused for new gauzes.

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