Recycling Catalysts

Recycling Catalysts

Do you manufacture

  • Basic chemicals such as ethylene oxide, acetic acid anhydride, nitric acid, vinyl acetate monomers

  • Fine chemicals and pharmaceutical ingredients such as vitamins and flavoring agents, parasiticides, or active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs)

  • High-quality benzene derivatives

And need a specialist to recover precious metals from your catalysts?
Put your trust in our expertise and save time, money, and resources.

Expertise in a wide range of materials

RHL offers both Hydrometallurgical & Pyrometallurgical Recycling of Precious Metal.

We turn supposed ‘waste’ into something new. We recycle catalysts as quickly as possible, thereby helping you to maintain a secure cash flow. As an expert partner in questions pertaining to waste, we support you in handling cross-border logistics.

The catalysts and materials that we recycle for you are as diverse as the industries in which they are used:

  • Powerformer: Platinum/rhenium catalysts on aluminum oxide

  • Reforming: Platinum catalysts on aluminum oxide

  • Dehydrogenation process: Palladium catalysts on aluminum oxide

  • Platinum, palladium, and ruthenium on carbon substrates

  • Catalyst gauzes made of platinum, palladium, and rhodium

  • Residues from homogeneous catalysts

  • Residues from the production of oxo-alcohols

  • Precious-metal-enriched resins

Catalysts charged with solvents present a particular challenge, because they must be thermally pretreated. This does not present a problem for us, however, because we have the world's largest capacity for processing powder catalysts containing precious metals.

Additional advantages for you:

  • Transparent sampling

  • High flexibility when it comes to input materials

  • State of the art technology and equipment

  • Expertise in logistics and waste legislation

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