Precious Metal Recycling

Precious Metal Recycling

Recycling makes a considerable contribution to protecting the environment. Recycling means sustainability, because raw material resources will not last forever. And recycling means real money, because precious metals are too valuable to waste.

As specialists in the processing of materials containing precious metals, we recover your assets as quickly as possible, with the utmost transparency and maximal yield. And we have even more to offer you. As a leading player with decades of experience, we provide many extras, such as expert logistics and professional waste management. Our core technological competencies lie in the following areas:

  • Thermal pretreatment of materials and catalysts containing precious metals

  • Sampling and analysis

  • Precious metals recycling processes

  • Logistics and waste management

Precious metals are indispensable in today's industry. They are used in semiconductors, in electronic components for the automotive industry, in LEDs and OLEDs, photovoltaic systems, OLEDs, magnetic data storage, passive components, and many other products. Apart from their important uses in final products, they are also integral to many production processes, for example as catalysts in the chemical or petrochemical industry.

Recovering precious metals –
a job for specialists

Precious metal recycling involves a wide variety of starting materials. Recovering them likewise requires a wide variety of specialized expertise – and not just technological expertise. Precious metals are found all over the world and must be transported to a recycling partner. The goal is to make them available for reuse in the production process as quickly as possible – preferably even parallel to recycling. Above all, the yield should be maximized and sampling should be trustworthy and transparent.

Our advantages for you:

  • Complete precious metals cycle along the value creation chain

  • Local representatives in every major region for optimal logistics

  • High creditworthiness

  • Offers a wide variety of materials

  • Complete transparency in sampling

  • Expertise in matters relating to waste

  • The latest technologies

  • Global locations

The Precious Metals Cycle

All services from a single source – expertise throughout the precious metals cycle

As a precious metals recycling customer, you often focus on more than simply processing your materials containing precious metals. Once that is done, you may want to transfer or sell your recovered metal through your weight account. Or perhaps you need additional precious metal or precious metal components for your production – including an intelligent price hedging or financing model.

At RHL, you can get short recycling times, and fast processing, all from a single source. We support you with logistics and transportation, and we offer a complete solution with competitive conditions.

We are nearby, no matter where you are, to ensure that everything functions smoothly: With our central location, we have a presence in all of the major industrial regions.

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