Platinum / Rhodium Catalyst Gauzes

Platinum / Rhodium Catalyst Gauzes

Precious metals have been used for decades in a wide variety of industrial applications because of their outstanding mechanical and catalytic properties and their resistance to corrosion, oxidation and temparature. One of this application is in gauzes.

Precious metal gauzes are needed principally for the catalytic combustion of ammonia or are employed for the production of cyanic acid (HCN) which is used as the raw material in the manufacture of sodium cyanide (NaCN), potassium cyanide (KCN) and methacryclic acid ester.

The gauzes are produced by weaving thin wires, usually with a diameter of either 0.076 mm or 0.060 mm. Typically, the gauzes were woven with 1024 mesh/cm2.

Ravindra Heraeus produces precious metal catalyst gauzes with a new structure : the warp knitting gauzes. Compared to the conventional woven gauzes these offer a number of technological and chemical advantages.

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